Exquisite Pizza Sauce and Spring Update

Well I’m on day ten of an awful cold that just will not go away no matter what I do. It all started the Friday before Easter weekend with a scratchy through, which turned into a sore throat, which turned into a serious head cold with stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, and ears that need to pop but refuse to. After five days one finally popped and I seriously celebrated but then I quickly went back to feeling like my head was in a cloud. I finally got desperate and asked the pharmacist at my neighborhood CVS for something to take because I could barely hear and my nose was raw from blowing it 6398239874 times. I’m still waiting for relief.


Okay, enough of my sob story. How was your Easter/Passover/Weekend(s) in general?! I went to Pittsburgh last weekend for Easter. The weather was pretty nice and we enjoyed a delicious brunch at the Grand Concourse, followed by a dessert of Easter candy as far as the eye could see :)

Then this weekend I decided to get my container garden started. This is my first time gardening and I’m hoping this book will help me.


I turned my kitchen into a garden center and got to potting. I got plants from Lowe’s that were already started but I also am going to try to start some from seeds. Maybe I’ll post an update in a week or so, if my plants are still alive. They are currently on my back patio soaking in a sun and avoiding the trash that people throw over our fence :(




A few weeks ago I had dinner at a friend’s house and she made the most delicious pizza and I was able to snag the pizza sauce recipe from her. It is actually from allrecipes.com and was super easy to make. Click here for the recipe for Exquisite Pizza Sauce. I left out the anchovy paste, as did my friend. I also had leftover sauce, which I froze and used again a week later and it tasted fine after thawing!

Exquisite Pizza Sauce from allrecipes.com




I got pre-made whole wheat dough from Fresh Direct but you could use any kind you like. I also like the Pillsbury Pizza Crust! We topped the pizza with chopped tomato, chopped red onions, fresh broccoli, roasted red peppers and shredded mozzarella cheese.



It turned out great!



I paired it with this Caprese salad on the side. Isn’t it so pretty?


I topped this baby with balsamic reduction, which you know I love! I was too excited to eat it so I do not have a picture.

Go ahead and make this pizza tonight!!!

Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket

Well tonight starts the Sweet Sixteen round of March Madness and there will be games on TV non stop through the weekend. So tonight I am bringing you another tasty party food: Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket. Another game time food that is easy to make and you only need five ingredients! Serve these along side Party Meatballs ;)

Cheddar Pigs In A Blanket

Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket


1 package Crescent Rolls (8 count)

1 package mini franks

½ cup shredded cheddar cheese


Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket(I cut this recipe in half, which is why there is a package of 4 crescent rolls!)

Bring a pot of water to a boil and add the mini hot dogs. Cook for 2-3 minutes then drain and set aside.

Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket

Unroll the crescent rolls on a flat surface. Use a pizza cutter to cut through the triangles, so that each original triangle will become 4 mini triangles.

Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket IMG_8563 IMG_8564 IMG_8569(I started to add the cheese before taking the last picture of the triangles. Whoops!)

Add a little shredded cheddar cheese to each triangle of dough, then add a mini hot dog on top.

Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket Cheddar Pigs in a BlanketRoll the mini hot dog up in the dough.

Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket Cheddar Pigs in a BlanketThe rolled up mini hot dogs on a non-stick sprayed baking sheet and cook at 375 degrees for 11 minutes.

Cheddar Pigs in a BlanketCheddar Pigs in a BlanketI dunked mine in ketchup!

Cheddar Pigs in a BlanketCheddar Pigs in a BlanketThese also reheat well in the toaster oven!

Cheddar Pigs in a BlanketWell, we have two games that we are flipping back and forth to on the TV. Pretty soon Mike will be up pacing the living room floor, just in time for me to go to bed! :)

Party Meatballs! Perfect for March Madness!

Who else watched basketball ALL weekend. And by “weekend” I mean from last Thursday until Sunday? It seemed to be on everywhere I went. Mike and I went to our friends’ house for dinner and they don’t have cable. I talked Mike out of panic mode and reminded him they had internet and all the games were streaming. He brought his HDMI cable, hooked his computer up to the TV and the night quickly changed form couples hangout dinner night to ladies night in the kitchen and men’s basketball viewing party in the living room. Crisis averted! My friend made the most delicious pizza ever and I just got her sauce recipe and can’t wait to make it at home. I’ll share it once I do! I’m thinking maybe this weekend!

Party Meatballs

Well for those of you voluntarily or forcefully watching NCAA Men’s Basketball games, or for those of you who are not roped in to the “madness” but just enjoy good party food, I am going to share with you my recipe for Party Meatballs! These babies are so good, it’s hard to not eat 20 of them. They consist of only THREE ingredients, including the meatballs, and are made in the slow cooker. Couldn’t be easier. Here’s how you do it:

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