Friday Favorites

I made it to Friday! It seemed like it would never happen this week! Today was another cold and rainy day with temps in the low 50s and pouring rain most of the day. This is the first day I have not needed air conditioning in my apartment and the first day it really felt like fall is here since I layered with a fleece when I went outside. A FLEECE! It’s October!

I will be relaxing at home tonight and watching Dateline. yes, an exciting Friday night in these parts :P

Here are my favorite things from this week!

How delicious does this Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomato Butter Sauce look?! I mean, this photo makes me want to lick my screen. Head on over to Pinch of Yum for the recipe and to check out the other gorgeous and yummy looking photos. I will definitely make this soon.


For my fellow cross stitch lovers out there, Jody Rice released a free pattern on her blog! I printed it out immediately and you should, too!


I’m starting to get more motion and strength back in my wrist (after breaking it nine weeks ago) so it’s time for me to get back in the swing of working out more regularly. I think I am going to add this 20 Minute Flat Belly Workout. Cause we all want a flat belly!

I really love this look. I just want to wear big comfy sweaters over long sleeve tshirts every single day.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! :)

Buffalo Chicken Stromboli using Puff Pastry

Greetings! It’s another overcast and dreary day here in Philadelphia and I’m hearing that there’s a chance Hurricane Joaquin could possibly hit the east coast in a few days. I will stock up on wine in preparation and if it ends up going out to sea instead of hitting the east coast, well, at least I’ll have a fully stocked wine rack! Glass is half full, people.

Tonight I’m looking forward to Buffalo Chicken Stromboli leftovers! I made these a few days ago using my slow cooker shredded buffalo chicken and can’t wait to finish them off.


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Two Simple and Filling Dinners – Made in under 30 minutes!

What a crazy day! It started bright and early.

IMG_0317 (2)

It was rainy and foggy. I couldn’t even see the top of the Comcast Center! The good news is that Mike doesn’t need the car for the next two months so I get to drive to work in the suburbs instead of taking public transit. The bad news is this morning my normal route was flooded in areas so I had to go a different, longer way. Then I encountered two closed roads. What to do to cheer my day up…

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My Favorite Breakfast

I love me a good veggie scramble, but my favorite go-to easy breakfast is a whole wheat english muffin topped with peanut butter and a banana.


I love this because I can make it at home or at the office, it’s delicious, healthy and very filling! I had this yesterday morning and was full until lunch! I had a refreshing bowl of applesauce along side.

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