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Only one more day till Friday! Weeeeeeeee! Well, tomorrow is Halloween and I have an action packed day, as I’m sure most of you do as well. Who else has an office Halloween party? I’m making a fruit salad for my office potluck lunch (note to self: go to grocery store for fruit salad ingredients). I have a ton of great slow cooker recipes that would be great for this kind of occasion but Crock Pots do not travel well on packed public transit (don’t ask). After work I have a Halloween party at a friend’s house. It was planned last minute (last Saturday) and while I’ve had all week to come up with a costume, I’m only now just planning one. Anyone have any last minute couples costume ideas for me? I’ve been scouring the web but just can’t choose!

In my intensive web search for the perfect Halloween costume, I came across a bunch of other things that I love and want to share with you. Here are some of my favorite web finds:

Delicious City Living Favorite Web Finds

How adorbs are these stud earrings?! I wear very minimal jewelry and when I do, the jewelry is generally pretty simple. These earrings would be perfect for me, and they are independently made. Who doesn’t want to support that! These are definitely going on my Christmas list this year :)


As I mentioned above, I am a public transit commuter. I have a nice long ride every morning and afternoon which provides me with ample reading time. I came across this list of The Beach Books You Should Totes Read This Summer and I will be starting the list this fall. I’ve already started on ‘The Vacationers’!


Anyone else out there a lover of cross stitch? This is my current project and I am loving it so far. I just can’t get over the vibrant colors! I can’t wait to finish this, frame it, and hang it up in my apartment. It’s also perfect since I just got back from Paris a few weeks ago. The Etsy shop, SatsumaStreet has a bunch of other cities to choose from, as well as other cross stitch patterns. I want to make them ALL!


How delicious do these cookies look?! I came across them at Sallys Baking Addiction and I just HAVE to make them ASAP. My fiance and I almost always have Oreos in the house (even though we keeps saying no more sweets in the house….) and I’m dying to try a homemade version.


I hope you like my favorite finds! Click the links in each description to go directly to the source to check them out! I highly recommend you do! :)

Parisian Adventure

Earlier this month my fiance and I took a wonderful vacation to France. Ten fabulous days of vacation! No work and a trip to the city of lights? I’m in!

Delicious City Living Paris Adventure

Here are some photos from our trip! (These are all taken on my iPhone as I still have not uploaded the pictures from my camera!)

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Homemade Taco Hamburger Helper

I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! I, myself, am missing the weekend. They are just never long enough. sigh. Here in Philadelphia we had wonderful weather, although I did not enjoy it first hand as I spent most of the day in my apartment doing mucho relaxing on the couch. Yes, I feel guilty about it (only a little)… But I was so comfy in my sweats all day! Sunday was spent at my favorite bar watching my favorite team – my Buffalo Bills. And they won! It was a good day :)

Saturday I did get off the couch long enough to make Homemade Taco Hamburger Helper! And it was delicious! Homemade Taco Hamburger Helper is similar to the box stuff but even better! The gooey cheese! The spicy taco seasoning! My fiance went back for seconds which means this is a meal that I’ll make again and again… and you should too!

Taco Hamburger Helper

Here’s how you make Homemade Taco Hamburger Helper:

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Homemade Tater Tots

Raise your hand if you love tater tots!

Anyone? Surely I cannot be the only one obsessed with these tiny delicious potato treats?! I could eat tater tots every day for every meal. They really are one of my favorite foods. And how convenient to make?! You just pop them in the oven! My mouth is actually watering right now just thinking about them.

Well, in an attempt to cut out processed foods I decided HOMEMADE tater tots would be my new favorite food. They are so simple to make! All you need for homemade tater tots are potatoes, olive oil and some seasonings that you should have on hand in your kitchen!Homemade Tater Tots

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Easy Pasta Salad

Today I have for you an excellent summer side dish: Easy Pasta Salad. This Easy Pasta Salad is just as described: EASY! It couldn’t get easier than this. Only a few ingredients, minimal cooking and prep, and delicious taste. Easy Pasta Salad is a great side dish for any BBQ or party and anyone can make it!

Easy Pasta SaladHello! How are you?! I have been SUPER busy the last couple of weeks so I have been MIA on here. Sorry! :) I was on vacation at the beach on lovely Long Beach Island, NJ, then my wonderful parents came for a visit, and then I had to get back to work and sort through dozens of emails and my LONG to-do list.

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Bacon Chili Mac & Cheese

Last night I made the most yummy mac and cheese: Bacon Chili Mac & Cheese! Bacon Chili Mac & Cheese combines crispy bacon, gooey cheese and a little bit of spice with salsa verde. It was rich and delicious. A great way to spice up a classic comfort food!

Bacon Chili Mac and Cheese

I am the proud new owner of my very own cherry pitter! Heck yeah! I am making this recipe next week for 11 people so I figured it was time to splurge. I got my cherry pitter from a great store in Philly called Kitchenette (at 12th and Sansom). What a great store! I could’ve spent all afternoon looking around and stocking up my kitchen but I was headed to an appointment so I had to control myself and stick to just purchasing what I went there for. I will definitely go back!

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza is one of my favorite options at my local neighborhood pizza shop. My boyfriend and I would order the hot, cheesy, delicious pizza at least once a week… sometimes more (I know), until this past spring when our go-to friendly and speedy local pizzeria messed up our order. Normally I’m willing to let these things slide, but long story short, the issue was big, the service made the issue worse, and it took over two hours to finally get our pizza. I was beyond hangry. My boyfriend even knew better than to try to stop me from mentioning to him every minute that passed that we were pizza-less. He’s patient.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

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